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Monday, January 23, 2012

Joe Paterno and the reaction to his recent passing. What's your opinion? Here's ours:

The recent passing of Joe Paterno has caused mixed reaction, not only in the football world, but with anyone who has heard of the recent events and the university. On one side, there are people mourning the loss of one of the greatest collegiate football coaches of all times.  On the other, you have the people that are focused on the recent events associated with him and the university.  I think that both sides have valid arguments, but there are lines, and once again they get crossed.  What it boils down to is that we all have our own opinions of the late Joe Paterno, and each of us have that right.  But the line gets crossed when you start to judge others for having different opinions than yours.  If you are big enough to make a statement and stand behind that statement, then you should be big enough to understand that others have that same passion, but for the opposite cause, and should be respected for their opinion.  Basically, if you have the right to dish it out, just be prepared to take it too.  Right now, there is a family mourning, there is a university mourning, there is a town morning and there is a country mourning his loss.   We should show the same respect for the family that we would want for ours during a time like this.  I know that they are under the spotlight, and the national media will do what ever they need to get the highest rated story, whether it be compassionate, or crossing the line to be shocking.  Would you want that if your husband, father, grandfather, etc. etc. had just passed.  So chill out everyone, and pay the family some your respects with your silence.

We are sorry for your loss Paterno family.  

That's our opinion,   What's yours?

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