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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As technology advances, we grow further apart. What's your opinion?

It's our opinion that all of the technology that is supposed to bring us all together, is actually tearing us apart.  More and more, we have the ability to text, e-mail, tweet, etc. etc.  Taking more time away from us being able to actually talk to each other.  Remember the days of no cell phones, no computers, no satellite TV, no cable....?  To todays youth, it sounds so boring, but it was quite the opposite.  We had to go outside if you wanted to have any fun.  And it was assumed safe to go outside.  You could leave your house in the morning, and come back home well after dark.  There were no Amber alerts, because the worry wasn't there.  Not to say that these things didn't happen, we know that they did.  Everybody thinks that today it is so much more dangerous than it was back in our day.  Is that really the case?  Have the numbers proven that these cases are more and more per capita each year, or has the ability of technology to spread the news fast and world wide, just put in our face more?  The most depressing show on any channel is the news.  They just shove the worst information at you that they can.   Over and over are news stories of horrific events (robberies, theft, violence,bankruptcy, foreclosures, company closures, etc, etc).   The bigger the shock, the bigger the audience, the bigger the audience, the bigger the paychecks.  Has this media blitz really helped us come together, or made us more weary of everyone that we encounter in our day to day lives, making it almost impossible to live as a society, much less a community.  You used to be able to leave your doors and windows unlocked, garage doors open, lawn equipment out, etc. etc. But nowadays, we have everything on lock down, cause there's a fear in us that we will be victimized if we don't.  There's a difference between being careful and being sheltered.  Why don't we get out and do things in the neighborhoods with our neighbors anymore.  Less and less do you see kids playing sports.  It's still there, but less and less, cause they are inside playing video games, or facebooking, or tweeting, etc. etc.  We need to make sure that we take time each day to actually try to speak to the people that we text or e-mail.  Bring the personal bond back to a reality, and stop being fearful of each other.  We hope you leave your opinion, we love to hear your thoughts.  We will be back later, but for now, we are going out to enjoy the day.  We better make sure we have my smart phones.

What's your opinion?

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