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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Announcers Sexual Inuendos Update

If you have ever listened to the announcers during a football game, and not heard the sexual induendos, then I call you a liar.  Tonight we will be updating the blog, live, calling out all of the comments (by announcers only) that are funny sexual inuendos.  Feel free to comment if we miss one.

Second Half
Collinswoth: "In and out with the 2 line backers"
Michaels: "The medical staff is probably fondling some beads right now."
Collinsworth: "They're trying to bang so much on Victor Cruz"

**** update coming soon ****

The first half is over.  Will Collinsworth keep dropping these in the 2nd half?  Stay tuned:

Collinsworth: "They come around to get a shot at Eli and get a facefull of that."
Collinsworth: "That hole was gaping inside"
Collinsworth: "Kyle Love got burried on that one by the double team"
Collinsworth: "He wants his big powerful guy to power up inside."
Collinsworth: "Kiwanuka trying to bang on Gronkowski"

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