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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Have the NY Giants already won the Super Bowl?

So, who do you like to win the Super Bowl?  Why did you make that choice?  Does it really matter?  Has the game already been decided?  It depends on if you believe in Artificial Intelligence.  The fine people at the Madden game line, had the computer play their annual Super Bowl matchup.  Brady rallied his troops with 2, 4th qtr touchdowns to tie the game 24-24 late in the 4th quarter.  But then, against all odds again, Eli Manning drives his team into field goal range where Lawrence Tynes nails the game winner.  You might be thinking, "so what, it's only a video game.".  Let me ask you.   Do you believe in the Sports Illustrated curse?  Do you believe in the Madden curse?  Sometimes, trends have a way of staying accurate.  The Madden Super Bowl simulation has been pretty accurate over the past 8 years, predicting 6 of the ast 8 Super Bowl champions.  They missed last year when the Steelers beat the Packers in the simulation, we all know how that actually turned out.  The only other game missed was in 2007, that's right, the last time the Patriots and the Giants met.  Will history repeat itself?   If you look hard enough, you can always make that a believable statement.  If the Giants win, then history repeated itself again with Brady losing to Manning.  If the Patriots win, then history repeated itself with another wrong Super Bowl simulation with these 2 teams involved.  Does any of that matter? Probably not, but what does matter is that the NFL put on a good show this Sunday.  The game needs to be competetive and entertaining, the commercials needs to make everyone talk about them, and the halftime show needs to be entertaining.  I personally have given up on a trifects since the halftime show always sucks and is always overated (history repeating itself again).  But I still love the halftime show.  After eating and drinking party foods for an entire half without leaving my seat so I don't lose it, it takes me an entire halftime just for a bathroom break.  So thank you NFL for supplying us with halftime entertainment that doesn't matter over and over again.

Who do you like to win the big game?

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